Japanese industrial gas manufacturer Osaka Gas Liquid has launched a new steam reformer-type small hydrogen generator.

Parent company Daigas group has been marketing three types of hydrogen generator with the brand name ‘HYSERVE’, whose hourly hydrogen production volumes are 30Nm3, 100Nm3 and 300Nm3 respectively.

Osaka Gas Liquid has now released a smaller volume version with the capacity of 5Nm3 per hour to the original line up. HYSERVE-5 effectively produces hydrogen from piped gas or LPG. Hydrogen is supplied by containers such as cylinders or curdles for smaller volume customers.


Source: Osaka Gas Liquid

“If the consumers are located away from the hydrogen delivery station, the cost of hydrogen for such customers tends to be higher. This is because the delivery cost is higher and containers need to be replaced before hydrogen is used up,” Osaka Gas Liquid explained to gasworld.

“By utilising HYSERVE-5, hydrogen is produced effectively within the customers’ premises in accordance with their demand volume. Hence hydrogen can be served at a reasonable price.”

“In addition, labour saving is realised by reducing receiving work of containers. Demand for smaller size hydrogen generators are expected to increase with the spread of fuel cell forklifts. Hydrogen can be supplied for new such usages at a reasonable price with the introduction of HYSERVE-5.”

Osaka Gas Liquid said it will continue to contribute to the realisation of a hydrogen energy society.

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