Announced via the latest issue of the Chart Asia Review newsletter, Eric Rottier is to depart from his position as President of Chart Asia and take up the role of Senior Vice-President of Corporate Development for the Chart group.

Effective 27th August 2010, Rottier assumed the position of Senior Vice-President of Corporate Development, a new position within the company’s Corporate Development organisation.

Rottier will be responsible for the identification of acquisition targets that could positively transform and impact Chart’s future business.

In terms of the future of business in the Asia region, Rottier sees exciting prospects ahead and is confident in the company’s investment plans for the geography. In his last Chart Asia Review newsletter introduction as president of the division, he encouraged, “This will be my last introduction to the Chart Asia Newsletter. I have truly enjoyed working with all of you over the past six years. The challenges and opportunities we have tackled have tested us, but through it all we continue to advance our capabilities each year.”

“Continuous improvement is a foundation of our business in China and it will progress under the new leadership in Asia. We have some very exciting prospects in the coming years driven by an accelerated focus on LNG and improved economic conditions. The market demand for LNG and our portfolio of industrial gas products will drive a new level of investment in facilities and automation in China.”

“We have some very exciting prospects and will continue to invest in the region,” he concluded.

Over the past six years, Rottier has been heading up Chart’s Distribution and Storage Group’s business in Asia, as the President of Chart Asia. With his newfound absence in his Asia role, on the same date Peter Han was appointed President of Chart Asia for the D&S business group.

Han officially joined Chart in April 2010 as the Vice-President, General Manager of all of Chart’s D&S entities in China. His responsibilities in Asia are an important part of Chart’s growth strategy in the region, and will oversee sales and operations. Han will report to Tom Carey, President of the Distribution and Storage (D&S) business.

In addition, Carey’s role has been expanded to include Chart Asia, in addition to his existing responsibility for the Distribution and Storage Group’s North American and European operations.