Witt-Gasetechnik has announced the launch of its smallest relief valve, the AV319 – and its precision and reliability come as standard.

Complementing the AV619 and AV919 low set pressure models, the AV319 is just 42 mm long and just 14 mm in diameter – and it fits just about anywhere.

Accurately and reliably protecting your low-pressure gas systems from overpressure makes the AV319 your ideal last line of defence. And its accuracy also helps protect against process control excursions that affect your production line quality.

Its set pressure can be adjusted accurately and precisely to set points between 10 and 80 mbar - unlike competitor products, which can only be set to 100 mbar and over, stated the company. Additionally it said that the especially tight seal ensured by its spring-loaded valve and elastomer seal altogether puts the AV319 truly in a class of its own.

With 100% testing and individual test certificate from TÜV – Germany’s national technical inspection agency – the AV319 is ideal for technical gases between -30 and 100oC and comes in brass or stainless steel. Various connections are available.