Onsite gas generation specialist Oxair Gas Systems Pty Ltd has delivered a nitrogen (N2) system to the largest single resource development in Australia’s history.

Perth-based Oxair was commissioned by Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) to develop a N2 system for Chevron Australia’s Gorgon Project, which will contribute to protecting the conservation values of a nature reserve off the coast of Western Australia.

Nitrogen membrane system cheveron[9]

Source: Oxair Gas Systems

Oxair was contracted by CRC to develop the N2 supply side of the project’s fumigation equipment as part of a comprehensive quarantine management system to protect the reserve’s environment against invasive species.

One of the machines was built as a self-contained unit on a trailer which could be taken to any location. It has its own generated power and air supply along with filtration and membrane system for N2 generation.

The other was developed into a containerised unit with remote power supply feeding the compressor.

Oxair’s Managing Director David Cheeseman commented, “Oxair is proud that its N2 system helps protect the Barrow Island environment from non-indigenous species. The Gorgon Project will be an important pillar of the Australian economy for decades to come. We are thrilled to work as a key supplier to this world-class project.”

Oxair Gas Systems is a Western Australian owned and operated company specialising in the supply of onsite gas generation equipment to domestic and international markets. The company designs and manufactures packaged oxygen pressure swing adsorption tonnage plants, N2 membrane and dryer and filtration packages.