Oxair Gas Systems’ new India venture will present its showpiece oxygen-generating equipment at the Arab Health Exhibition in Dubai’s World Trade Centre on January 28th-31st.

The high-quality medical devices are designed to last and deliver consistent, high purity oxygen to hospitals and healthcare facilities of all sizes.

“This is a major show for Oxair India and a chance to connect with the right people us so early in the year in a vital target market. Oxygen generators are the future for healthcare to reduce the reliance on cylinders except as a back-up for medical needs,” said Jim Newell, CEO at Oxair.

Oxair’s Indian subsidiary will also be showcasing the OA120 Medical Oxygen Generator Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system which can produce the equivalent of 12 cylinders a day (7 M3 capacity).

At the Arab Health Exhibition the company will address the cost-saving and safety benefits of its systems compared to traditional gas cylinders.

Oxair’s Medical Oxygen Generators PSAs are registered medical devices under ISO 13485, making them fully compliant for use in all hospitals and medical facilities.

The equipment provides hospitals with the ability to control their own supply of 94% pure oxygen. The new equipment guarantees clinicians a constant source of high-quality oxygen which can be piped directly to patients’ beside on demand.

Oxair Medical Oxygen PSA systems feature superior valving and piping, have lower running costs and require low maintenance.

Oxair’s technology specifically designed muffler makes it one of the quietest PSA systems on the market. The new system can be engineered to integrate with any existing system or can be designed from scratch. Oxair’s medical generators can also be used to fill cylinders for backup use.

Representatives from Oxair will be located at stand H58 of the event to present a demonstration as well as answer any questions on the company’s latest high purity oxygen delivery system.