Global distributor of oxygen solutions Oxair has urged hospitals across the world to avoid shortcuts when purchasing oxygen-related equipment and to invest in a ‘proven’ system developed by the company.

The announcement follows the tragic deaths of 22 patients when oxygen flow through ventilators in an Indian hospital was interrupted, in addition to 174 people being killed in fires caused by oxygen tanks exploding in two separate incidents at Iraqi hospitals.

As potential for further oxygen shortages looms, Oxair claims that its ‘simpler, safer’ solution can save lives by delivering a permanent flow of high purity oxygen ‘on tap’ to hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide.

The company’s off-the-shelf oxygen pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system extracts air from the atmosphere and, through its PSA filtration process, delivers a constant supply of 94-95% purity oxygen.

The captured and filtered gas can also be stored in a buffer tank to be used on-demand by the end user.

Referring to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, David Cheeseman, Oxair, said that the recent lack of life-saving medical oxygen has led to ‘terrible consequences.’

Ready to ensure that medical facilities, regardless of location, are able to safely store high quality medical oxygen, he also said, “We believe our PSA systems are the safest and ultimately cheapest solution for hospitals anywhere.”

“The design of these PSA systems as ‘plug-and-play’ means that they are literally ready to start working as soon as they are delivered and plugged in.”

He added that the devices’ voltage comes adapted to the country of delivery.

Depending on local lockdown conditions, orders for Oxair’s standalone PSA units can be turned around in just a few weeks, according to the company.