Pressure control equipment manufacturer Oxford Flow has opened a new manufacturing facility in Oxford, UK to fuel its ambitious growth plans.

The state-of-the-art 6,000sq. ft facility is based at Cowley, close to Oxford Flow’s headquarters, and is around six times larger than the company’s previous workshop facility.

The new facility will ensure product quality, timely delivery and customer satisfaction all meet Oxford Flow’s high standards.

Oxford Flow said its larger facility also allows the company to maintain its operations with social distancing measures in place.

Front View

Source: Oxford Flow

Neil Poxon, CEO of Oxford Flow, said, “This new facility is the next step in our success story. With increased manufacturing capability we can build and deliver orders more efficiently to offer even higher levels of customer service.”

“As we expand globally, this futureproofs the business – enabling us to scale up as and when needed.”

Leading the team at the new facility is Oxford Flow’s new Head of Manufacturing, John Pozzoli.

The new facility comes as Oxford Flow recently secured a £9.1m investment to support the company’s expansion across the utility and industrials markets, and oil and gas product development.