Oxford Flow, a pressure control equipment company, has expanded its office space in Oxford due to increase demand.

The office, located in Onsey Mead, Oxford, has been expanded to 260 sq. meters from 120 sq. meters and comes alongside the company’s latest capital rise which was announced in March (2019).

“The office expansion is a key milestone in our growth. We had the ambition to commercialise and develop Oxford Flow, but little did we think 12-months later we would have already increased headcount by 70%,” said Neil Poxon, CEO at Oxford Flow.


Source: Oxford Flow

“It’s a remarkable feast and is a reflection of the talented team we have onboard. It also reflects the sheer excitement in the water, gas and oil and gas industries for our technology – a simple innovation, yet incredibly impactful in terms of cost, efficiency and performance.”

The new space will host Oxford Flow’s team which has added ten people in the last year. The team have recently been developing the “world’s first” diaphragm free gas regulating valve which reduces wear and maintenance costs improving gas network efficiency, performance and reliability.