UK-based flow control equipment specialist Oxford Flow has launched the latest iteration of its IM-S valve gas pressure regulator.

Offering an increased flow capacity of up to 30%, the device helps futureproof for the energy transition through a design that allows it to handle up to 100% hydrogen blending within gas networks. 

In addition to reducing the risk of failure, the company has eliminated the regulator’s diaphragm, contributing to a minimum service maintenance interval of up to 10 years 

To increase the ease of retrofitting into existing networks, Oxford Flow has designed the compact regulator to be smaller and lighter. 

“The IM-S is the next generation gas pressure regulator that enhances the benefits of the IM valve predecessor,” commented Faris Churcher, Principal Applications Engineer, Oxford Flow. 



Source: Oxford Flow

“Engineered with industrial recommendations and feedback at the forefront of its adaptation, this latest development improves maintenance and versatility, while ensuring resiliency against future grid challenges.” 

With the IM regulator considered one of the company’s flagship products since its launch, the IM-S represents a step forward for the valve industry. 

“We’re proud of the service record of our existing regulators in the field and are delighted to be able to provide our customers with the next step forward, the IM-S,” added Neil Poxon, CEO, Oxford Flow.