Oxford Instruments has launched a new customer portal that enables customers to keep track of all their OiHealthcare systems, locate their service engineer contact information and much more.

With 24-hour access the OiHealthcare Customer Portal customers can access and track what they need when they need to.

OiVision provides remote cryogen monitoring on GE MRI systems, allowing diagnostics and preventative analysis to be done without interfering in the day-by-day use of the system.

The cryogen data is collected and sent to OiHealthcare servers where it is then analysed and if a problem occurs an engineer is dispatched to resolve it quickly keeping your system up and running.

“We are always looking for ways to help our customers provide better patient care. With the OiHealthcare Customer Portal and OiVision system, our customers can rest at ease knowing that their CT or MRI systems are being monitored 24/7. This ensures they become aware of any problems as quickly as possible enabling a swift resolution to keep their systems up and running,” said Robert Costa, Director of Global Sales and Marketing.