Over recent weeks gasworld has released the various chapters of a 10-point playbook of political, social, scientific and economic constructs that underpinned one of the most devastating public health emergencies in a century.

The exclusive series is titled The Covid-19 Oxygen Crisis: How Did We Get Here? and explores how critical oxygen supply chain shortages were seen in various parts of the world over the last 18 months.

With the release of its final chapter and the author’s concluding column about the motivation for the series and its findings, the report is now available for download in its entirety in one document via the gasworld White Papers platform.


Covid-19 (coronavirus) has left a painful, indelible mark on society the world over and continues to have a grip on our way of living, working and interacting even today.

It also continues to ravage a number of countries in the southern hemisphere that lack both the vaccination programmes and the one key treatment required to deal with it – oxygen.

Our response to this once-in-a-century global pandemic that so unexpectedly and irrevocably change the world poses a number of questions, not least how prepared our healthcare systems and supply chains were for such an event.


In the extended report from gasworld, all of the factors behind critical lack of medical oxygen in various parts of the world are considered.

The report was described earlier this month as having ‘first mover status’ by the Every Breath Counts coalition and its release comes at a time when various other public inquiries into regional responses to the Covid-19 pandemic are published.

A UK House of Commons report released on 12th October described the UK’s failure to do more to stop Covid spreading early in the pandemic as one of the country’s ‘worst public health failures’.

Meanwhile, 48 hours earlier, the Every Breath Counts coalition released a new report into the way in which pneumonia is treated and controlled. It explained how Covid-19 has exposed how ineffective health systems everywhere have been in the face of a respiratory pandemic. To date, there have been 4.8 million official deaths and unofficially, estimates suggest that figure could be 5-10 times more.

Despite the existence of effective vaccines emerging with impressive speed early in the pandemic, governments are still scrambling to reduce the death toll. Most entered the pandemic ill-equipped to deal with waves of patients needing respiratory care, especially oxygen, the report states.

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