Oxygen cylinders which can be filled at home are changing the lives of American oxygen dependent patients.

The HomeFill II oxygen system has been introduced by the Invacare Corporation which says the lifestyles of patients using it have been dramatically improved.

Heavy, cumbersome tanks are replaced by small, lightweight cylinders which patients can fill themselves from a continuous supply of oxygen they produce themselves and take anywhere with them.

Previously people had difficulties leaving their homes because of the size and weight of the tanks and also because of worry about running out of oxygen before their next delivery.

Each cylinder lasts around four to five hours and weighs around five pounds.
Manual Delgudo, president of Medicor Healthcare explained: \\$quot;The patients love it. The HomeFill system allows oxygen users much more freedom. They don't worry about deliveries and they can go anywhere they want and not be burdened by heavy tanks.'

And Scott Wilkinson, HomeFill product manager, added: \\$quot;There are also many health benefits. Studies show that highly ambulatory patients on continuous oxygen have a higher survival rate than low ambulatory patients. HomeFill allows oxygen users to be more active, and it improves their quality of life. And it is such a relief for them not to depend on delivery trucks for something that is so vital to them. Now, oxygen is just as available to them as a glass of water.\\$quot;

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