Something of an escalating issue is erupting in Papua New Guinea at present, as fuel supplies and other environmental factors instigate a fundamental lack of oxygen resources for hospital services in Oceanic country.

Major towns in the country’s highlands are struggling to get supplies and fuel after a landslide cut off a road linking three provinces, with all non-critical operations at the Mount Hagen General Hospital in the Westland Highlands put on hold due to the lack of oxygen.

Hospital management described the situation as critical and said the landslide meant a shortage of drugs and generator fuel was imminent. The BOC gas depot in Hagen supplies oxygen for other hospitals in the region including Konjeeyowa, which has almost run out, and four major hospitals in the highlands region say the situation is drastic.

Hospitals are calling on emergency authorities to act swiftly to make sure the lives of critical patients are saved.

Source: ABC News