With the withdrawal of Mitsubushi Heavy Industries from the business of oxygen pressure swing adsorption (PSA), the market has been reorganised.

Three producers now lead the market; Sumitomo Seika Chemicals, Showa Kankyo System and Air Water.

Of these, Air Water has come to the fore in recent years, taking the place of Mitsubushi. While maintaining its PSA procurement route through its business relationships with Sumitomo Seika and Showa Kankyo, the company itself has jumped into the position of producer.

A very advantageous position, it appears the company will be getting hold of both the PSA and liquid gas markets in areas of demand where supply of liquid gas is indispensible, such as the electric furnace and glass sectors.
The company has worked to reduce the size of the adsorption column, vacuum pump, and crude air blower, mainly by optimising the adsorption material.

This year it plans to sell a unit for pulp bleaching, and four units for ozone treatment. It has also won the bid for a unit for use with lithium-ion batteries in the Kansai region.

As far as the other two companies are concerned, Sumitomo is expanding the global sales development of its products, and Showa Kankyo is strongly positioned in the gasification and melting furnace sector.