AirSep oxygen systems are globally serving as a suitable alternative to liquid oxygen or high-pressure oxygen cylinders in commercial applications for veterinary professionals.

The system which utilises Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, which alternately swings the pressure of gas within a vessel filled with molecular sieve, generates oxygen 24/7 and is able to support critically ill non-human patients of all sizes.

On the pressurisation swing, oxygen is produced. On the depressurisation swing, the sieve is regenerates. To generate oxygen, air is supplied to the unit by either an internal or external air compressor.

Two absorber vessels which are alternately pressurised, produce oxygen. A regenerative adsorbent material removes the nitrogen. The final product is up to 95.5% pure oxygen, which can be stored in an internal or external receiver.

A veterinary hospital in Chicago is one of the latest customers to receive this technology in the form of an AS-B oxygen generator which will triple the facility’s current oxygen delivery volume.

As well as increasing oxygen delivery, AirSep oxygen systems have also reduced costs for many facilities, and many found that their AirSep oxygen systems paid for itself within a short period of time.

Located in Buffalo, New York, AirSep currently supplies both portable and wall-mounted oxygen concentrators for small clinics ranging in capacity from eight liters per minute (LPM) to 15 LPM.


Source: AirSep