OXYLOS’ abiss® has won the BTA Innova award, in the category of ‘Food Safety, Hygiene and Quality’.

OXYLOS is a breakthrough technology in quality control (QC) market, giving a complete picture of the level of quality on a packaging line, with only one instrument and one test sample.

OXYLOS can control all packaging types:

- Packaging integrity also known as leak test 

- Seal Strength also known as burst test 

For MAP OXYLOS can also add, as an option, the possibility to measure the headspace gas content with O2 or O2&CO2 analysis.

During the exhibition, Anéolia presented the latest update of the OXYLOS system, with automatic pressure regulation. This new feature transforms OXYLOS to a fully automated instrument. The operator only has to place a sample in the chamber to start the test, and then OXYLOS manages the rest.

The automation of test instruments meets a growing demand from industrial customers. Automation allows a test to be:

- Less expensive as OXYLOS doesn’t use consumables like similar equipment (septums, etc.) 

- Safer as the operator doesn’t have to manipulate a needle 

- Faster as the operator doesn’t have to watch the machine during the test. Results and traceability are 
fully digital and can be downloaded remotely on a LAN network. 

- More accurate as OXYLOS leak measurement can find pinholes as small as 5μm 

In short, OXYLOS is a complete solution to control your packaging quality, using a safe and accurate test method.

OXYLOS is already a reference within the food industry, and is already used by some of the biggest players in snack food, sea food, and meat processing.

The exhibition BTA / HISPACK 2015 brought together food processing and packaging professionals in Barcelona, Spain.