As the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to escalate, Danish on-site gas generation company Oxymat is answering the call issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to deliver medical oxygen to help alleviate shortages in Ukrainian hospitals.

In a statement released last month (Feb), WHO revealed that Ukraine is currently running ‘dangerously low’ on its supplies of medical oxygen due to disrupted supply lines, compounded by a scarcity of zeolite – a mineral used to separate gases through pressure-swing adsorption (PSA). 

The shortages are accompanied by the ever-present threat of continuous power outages, increasing the risk for multiple critical hospital services. 

In an effort that will keep up to four small hospitals supplied with oxygen, Oxymat have sent two complete PSA plants to the country, expected to be received in Lviv early this week. 

Having worked previously with the Ukrainian MEGASAN to sell and install oxygen generators, the company is set to strengthen its ten-year presence in the country with the 16-tonne delivery.

Source: Oxymat

Commenting on the initiative, Jesper Sjögren, CEO, Oxymat, said, “We are sending two complete oxygen plants with filling stations to Ukraine today.” 

“We know the need is much greater, but if we can save lives by keeping up to four small hospitals running on oxygen, we will.” 

“This is what we can afford to give away, so I would very much like to encourage others to do the same,” he said. 

Worth a total of DKK 3.5m ($500k), the aid is being sent directly to Ukrainian authorities to ensure it reaches its destination as quickly as possible. 

According to Orest Chemerys, Director of the Health Care Department, Lviv Regional Military Administration, hospitals in the Lviv region cannot handle the pressure from Ukrainians fleeing from other parts of the country. 

“At this point, Ukrainian hospitals are in desperate need for medical oxygen,” he added. 

Transport of the equipment was donated by DFDS/ICT Logistics and two oxygen boosters – used to compress the oxygen prior to filling – were donated by American RIX Industries.

As a raft of sanctions hit Russia last month, Oxymat ceased its supply of medical oxygen to the country, freezing all Russian and Belorusian accounts and halting all deliveries of medical oxygen.