On-site gas generation specialist Oxymat has ceased its supply of medical oxygen provisions to Russia and Belarus, calling for companies to ‘go beyond the sanctions’ following Russia’s entry into Ukraine.

Mainly consisting of oxygen generators to be supplied to hospitals, Oxymat’s restrictions include a ban on providing spare parts and services to both accounts. 

Slated for immediate effect, the company has frozen its Russian and Belarus accounts which includes €1.5m in its order books to Russia. 

“It is the darkest moment in our great European history for more than seven decades,” said Jesper Bo Sjögren, Founder/Owner, Oxymat Group. 

“It is time for enterprises and companies to stand up for their true value and look away from budgets and profit for a time.” 

According to Sjögren, the decision to freeze medical deliveries is based upon Oxymat’s evaluation of availability of medical oxygen in Russia and Belarus. 

“Should a new pandemic situation occur, we are willing to evaluate this part of the ban,” he added.

The ban comes amidst fresh fears of a medical oxygen supply shortage in Ukraine, caused by the inability of trucks to transport oxygen supplies from plants to hospitals across the country, in addition to a scarcity of zeolite – essential to gas separation when generating oxygen through pressure-swing adsorption (PSA) systems.