Oxymat, a Danish company involved in the design and manufacture of on-site nitrogen and oxygen generators, is ploughing ahead with its expansion plans in Slovakia as the company builds on a successful 2008.

Striving for complete logistics and production autonomy, Oxymat Slovakia is extending its production facilities in line with its overall plans for 2009.

The company's 'most important goal' this year is to enlarge its production capacities and to that end, as of 1st April, construction has commenced on new capability for production and storage purposes, as well as the expansion of existing office space.

According to the company, 'all this is happening in order to be completely autonomous in term of logistics, in terms of production operations in field of marine and big medical projects and last but not least, in terms of our administrative compatibility'.

Oxymat is a Danish based company specialized in designing and manufacturing on-site nitrogen and oxygen generators using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.

The company has been manufacturing oxygen generators since 1978 and nitrogen generators since 2001.