Oxymat has manufactured an advanced on-site oxygen generating system for Al-Assad University Hospital in Damascus, Syria, as part of a government development project which aims to improve the quality of the medical and treatment services provided to citizens.

The on-site oxygen generating system, which supplies all 651 beds at the hospital, is the largest and most sophisticated systems in Syria. With this new safe and efficient system, the hospital is now closer to achieving self-sufficiency and the future expansion of oxygen.

The Oxymat oxygen generator system provides the hospital with a highly reliable and economic solution for their oxygen requirements. The system eliminates all on-going costs such as refills, delivery and transportation charges, which the hospital would have had with bottled or cylinder oxygen supply.

The Al-Assad University Hospital, opened in 1988 in Damascus, and is one of the largest hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education, offering medical and surgical services to patients with the latest medical methods.