Oxymat A/S, a specialist in onsite gas generators, has helped to revive glass production in Uzbekistan after supplying the Oniks glass factory with onsite pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology.

The Denmark-based business installed its O600 x2 oxygen (O2) supply system at the Oniks facility in the capital of the Middle Eastern country, Tashkent.

Oxymat o2 oxygen psa

Source: Oxymat


It features an O2 supply capacity of 100 Nm3 per hour at 95% purity.

The system is connected to an O2 pipeline with the O2 pressure set to supply gas to the main furnace and flame polishing burners, as the entire PSA system was installed in a separate room, located around 30m away from the glass furnace itself.

This marks the latest in a sequence of installations for Oxymat, having delivered two O2 units for Med Standard Glass LTD as well as a PSA for an Uzbeki fish farm.

A spokesperson enthused, “Oxymat has continuously proved that adsorption technology of onsite O2 production is the most effective and least energy consuming solution in the glass and fish industry.”