Gas generation specialist Oxymat A/S has launched a brand-new range of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) generators which boast the lowest power consumption currently available on the market.

Oxymat’s new Low Pressure Swing Adsorption System line uses just 0.7kWh to produce one standard cubic metre of oxygen (O2) and 0.18kWh to produce one standard cubic metre of nitrogen (N2), both at 2.8 bar outlet pressure.

Oxymat new psa generators

Source: Oxymat

Oxymat’s Low Pressure Swing Adsorption system

The company describes this 40% reduction in power consumption for O2 production and 10% for N2 production as “game changing.”

The O2 and N2 generators in the range can produce capacities up to 1,000m3 per hour at purities of 95% and 99.9999%, respectively.

Oxymat invested more than €2m ($2.2m) to rebuild its factory in Denmark into the most automated PSA factory in the world when developing this line, with a spokesperson explaining, “The launch of this new energy saving solution is the culmination of intensive research and development (R&D) and millions of euros invested in modern facilities.”

The range will only be available to existing customers until July 2017 due to high demand. After this time, Oxymat said it will roll out the range publically.

The Helsinge-based business officially launched the range at the 2017 Hannover Messe trade fair which took place in Germany last month.