Onsite gas generation expert Oxymat A/S has established itself as one of the largest players globally in the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) business, notching up more than 3,500 installations in more than 130 countries.

The Denmark-based business achieved this milestone through its primary operations centre in Helsinge, Denmark, and Vadovce, Slovakia. It also owns a further sales office in Kunshan, China.

In addition, Oxymat has a wide network of distributors with agents present in more than 40 countries.

Adrian Kucharek, Industrial Group Sales Manager, imparted, “Equipping our partners to understand the products that we offer is an essential part of our growth. We believe that being close to the market and our customers is vital to our business.”

“We have experienced increased sales where we are regionally present – but this does not underestimate our value of local presence,” he added.

Most recently, Oxymat completed a PSA installation in Slovakia where it delivered an oxygen (O2) generator to a catfish farm. The company also provided onsite PSA technology for a glass production plant in Uzbekistan in December 2016.

The map below highlights the countries in which Oxymat has installed its technology.

world map

A map of Oxymat’s worldwide PSA installations. The light blue countries represent where Oxymat has installed its technology.