Oxymat A/S, a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) generator system supplier, ventured to Indonesia earlier this year to offer extensive products and services training to a local partner in the country.

The in-house or on-site dealer trainings aim to keep operators updated and improve the knowledge base of Oxymat products and services, enabling more efficient usage for end-users.

As the Danish company commands over 30% of the market share in the South Pacific rim country of on-site oxygen (O2) generators in the medical sector, the training sessions are necessary for its customers to stay up-to-date with its latest technological happenings. Complete with individual high-pressure O2 filling stations, Oxymat’s generators enable 24/7 operation in this remote and sometimes isolated part of the world.

A press release explained, “The focus of the dealer training is to provide partners with advanced knowledge of Oxymat products and services. The training is a great way for our partners to sharpen their skills to offer customers the most effective solution in terms of quality, performance, delivery and price.”

Mahesh Madyagol, Oxymat’s Business Development Manager for South and South East Asia, signified, “Equipping our partners to understand the products that we offer saves both time and costs for themselves and for the end-users.”

The products and services training took place earlier this year in Jakarta, Indonesia.