Onsite gas generation expert Oxymat A/S has helped sustain the production of North African catfish after supplying a fish farm with an oxygen (O2) generator.

The Denmark-based business supplied the O2 generator, which produces approximately 50kg of O2 per hour, to the catfish breeding site in Slovakia. The gas is dosed directly into the inlet water with dissolved O2 levels continuously monitored.

The closed recirculation system that the O2 is fed into enables efficient and sustainable fish production, with Oxymat’s generator and a full automation control process contributing to a yearly production of around 1,000 tonnes of catfish from the facility.

Fish production began in September 2015, with an Oxymat spokesperson confirming that, “The fish farm is in full operation and the Oxymat team and guarantee a stable performance and fast reaction time in case of any technical issues.”

”The correct O2 level is essential in fish farming to keep water conditions healthy. Healthy conditions secure faster growth rates and less problems with diseases.”

Oxymat fish farm in slovakia

Source: Oxymat A/S