UK-based Oxysystems is celebrating its ten-year provision of medical oxygen systems to European hospitals.

According to Radek Lanc, Director, Oxysystems, this sustained supply is due to the quality and ‘complete design’ of the system.

“All of our systems are constantly monitored by pharmacists and laboratories. After ten years we can disclose it’s perfectly adequate and if the PSA (pressure swing adsorption) system is well designed and operated by manufacturer recommendation, the system can be by main oxygen supply,” he added.

In addition to its anniversary, the company has announced its efforts to contribute to decarbonisation with the production of ‘green’ oxygen from its system.

Oxysystems technology.

Source: Oxysystems.

Oxysystems technology.

Exhaust heat from the technology’s air compressor is able to be reused to produced, for example, hot water in a hospital or healthcare facility.

When ‘reusing energy’, Oxysystems said that they achieve a water temperature of around 70-80C.

“We believe the lack of oxygen during the pandemic proved the point that site production of oxygen is important in the overall mix. Humanity will need to think twice before energy is wasted,” said Lanc.

The company states that it has several projects planned for 2022, including one focused around heat recovery.