The domestic industrial-type ozone generator concept has been presented by Cryogenmash at the International Scientific Conference entitled simply, ‘Industrial Gases’.

JSC Cryogenmash participated in the authoritative International Conference titled ‘Industrial gases’ which was held on 11th March 2009, at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

Mr Smorodin A.I., Doctor of Science and Deputy Director of the Research Technical Centre of JSC Cryogenmash, presented on behalf of co-authors Mr Gorbatsky Yu.V and Mr Arkharov A.M, the paper ‘Development and Research of High-performance Domestic Industrial-type Ozone Generator for Different Branches of Industry’.

The report saw Smorodin mention the technical characteristics of a fundamentally new design of the ozone generator electrode, developed at the company jointly with State Unitary Enterprise All-Russia Electrotechnical Institute.

Compared to French analogue of the ozone plant, which is operated on one of the Moscow water stations, an experimental generator of capacity of 25 kg/hr at comparable power consumption has achieved an 8,5-fold increase of ozone output from the electrode unit of area from 0.95 to 8,1 g/hr-dm2.

An important advantage of the design is thought to lie in the fact that the reliability of Cryogenmash’s all-metal enamelled electrode is much higher than the ‘foreign’ design, where use is made of glass materials.