Pakistan Oxygen Limited has collaborated with TrackAbout to develop a cylinder tracking system for the company’s gas cylinders.

The leading supplier of industrial and medical gases, welding electrodes and hardgoods in Pakistan is the first company in the country to introduce a cylinder tracking system.

The implementation of the cylinder tracking system will bring efficiency to track cylinders at customer locations and assure timely recording of assets in systems at each stage. In this process, cylinder movement will be maintained with its unique cylinder number.

Speaking to gasworld, Pakistan Oxygen said the benefits of the collaboration include:

  • Compliance with statutory requirements for medical customers
  • Enhanced safety compliance for all cylinders; efficient tracking system to help ensure safety inspection timelines of cylinders
  • Enhanced product reliability with the functionality for full product recall through the entire supply chain
  • Improved customer experience through customer holdings
  • Improved and accurate information for stock management and inventory planning
  • Using existing retrieved cylinders for business growth instead of procuring new CAPEX cylinders
  • Electronic signing of customer at cylinder delivery document

”The ceremony to initiate putting the barcodes on cylinders was initiated in the latter months of 2018, also attended by a TrackAbout representative from Singapore. This is a cylinder registration phase that includes putting barcodes on all assets which includes information about cylinders that are unique and easy to identify such as serial number, manufacturer name etc,” the company explained.

Pakistan Oxygen Cylinder Tracking

Source: Pakistan Oxygen Limited

About Pakistan Oxygen Limited

Pakistan Oxygen Limited, formerly Linde Pakistan Limited, has a rich legacy beginning life in 1935 as Indian Oxygen and Acetylene Company.

It carried its growth journey forward under the umbrella of BOC and Linde Group, leading the gases industry in Pakistan today as Pakistan Oxygen Limited.

With the widest range of bulk and compressed gases products, including the ASU gases - oxygen, nitrogen and argon – to the specialty gases and mixtures, along with its range of welding consumables, equipment and safety gear, Pakistan Oxygen is able to serve the needs of our customers, and contribute to the growth and development of our industries by providing them with efficient solutions.

At Pakistan Oxygen, customers receive for each gas application, the complete solution – the gas, application knowledge and guidelines, tailor-made hardware and customised services.

The company has led and contributed to the development of the industry for more than 80 years, supplying gases products and customised services to more than 4,000 customers from a wide spectrum of industries ranging from the chemicals and petrochemicals to steel, food and healthcare sectors and more.