PanWestern Energy Inc. has announced that the Saskatchewan Department of Energy has granted the company five new permits, for the exploration and development of inert gas resources in Canada.

Largely based in and around the lands previously held by PanWestern in south-central Saskatchewan, the new permits cover 74 sections of land, or 46,080 acres.

The grant of such permits significantly enhances the helium exploration programme currently being developed and implemented by the corporation.

As the results of the recently drilled Wilhelm well suggest, the potential for discovery of new and recoverable quantities of helium and associated gases in the area continues to be significant.

So significant indeed, that PanWestern President and CEO Johannes Kingma commented, $quot;With a strong history of helium production on our properties, and positive results from the drilling of the Wilhem well, the securing of this significant group of permits was a natural next-step for PanWestern as we move to further evaluate and develop this significant natural resource.$quot;