Paques, a significant global player in anaerobic wastewater and gas treatment, is today receiving endorsement from Global Water Intelligence (GWI).

Indeed, Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations will announce the winner of the ‘Water Technology Company of the Year’ at today’s Global Water Summit in Berlin.

Paques is renowned for innovative biogas technology, in fact the firm states, 'revitalising resources is our motto'. With this in mind, it came as no surprise to industry experts that GWI elected the firm a nominee for 'Water Technology Company of the Year'.

Rob Heim, Managing Director of Paques reflected the company’s positivity at this recent award. He said, “We are delighted to be nominated in this prestigious industry award. We hope that our activities and achievements form an inspiring story for the industry and we are encouraged by the positive response it is generating.”

According to GWI, Paques stood out thanks to its portfolio of technologies. In an official statement, the awarding body paid particular attention to its biogas recovery: $quot;Paques has developed an unparalleled portfolio of technologies that derives value from waste. In addition to pioneering anaerobic wastewater treatment for biogas recovery, the company has developed technologies for nitrogen and phosphate removal (for recycling as struvite fertilizer), sulphide and sulphate removal (and recovery as elemental sulphur), and heavy metals recovery.$quot;

GWI added, $quot;No other company in the water sector today has shown such long-term commitment to excellence in water technology. In 2010, Paques celebrated its 50th anniversary. With a presence in 60 industrialized countries and 200 staff in China alone, Paques shows the world how economic growth can be compatible with environmental commitment.$quot;