The Precision Fluidics Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation has released its newest miniature proportional valve, which is designed for original equipment manufactueres (OEMs) in the medical sector.

The VSO® LowPro has been designed emphasising portability, comfort and manufacturability when controlling the flow rate of inert gases in medical equipment.

Vso low pro parker hannifin miniature valve

It is just 16mm by 14mm, addressing a key requirement for small portable devices without sacrificing power. Typical applications include pressure control, volumetric flow and pulse dose control in devices such as portable oxygen (O2) concentrators, ventilators and patient monitors.

The VSO LowPro is qualified for up to 25 million cycles and offers flow rates of up to 50 standard litres per minute (SLPM), with a maximum of 1.5W power at room temperature.

Operators can choose between three orifice sizes, three voltage levels and manifold mount accessories to handle air, O2 and any other non-reactive, non-condensing gases.


Parker Precision Fluidics is a market leader in miniature, low power, light weight and high performance fluidic products.