The Veriflo Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation has unveiled two ranges of ultra-high purity regulators specifically designed for semiconductor fabrication gas handling.

The FR 1000 Series and FR 1400 Series have been purposely developed for valve manifold boxes, point-of-use tool hook-up and gas cabinet applications in order to provide a precise and stable control of process gases in downstream functions.

Parker hannifin ultra high purity fr series regulators for semiconductors

Both devices feature a Hastelloy® C-22® diaphragm and poppet and metal-to-metal seals as standard on all models, which combine to provide increased cycle life, corrosion resistance and enhanced leak integrity.

The FR 1000 utilises a sealed cap and captured bonnet port for safe gas evacuation if necessary, whilst the FR 1400 has improved pressure regulation with both low and high inlet pressure models ranging from 300-3000 pounds per square inch gauge (psig).

Mark Heffel, Marketing Manager of Ultra High Purity, underlined, “With more stainless steel and fluoropolymer fittings, valves, regulators and manifolds than any other supplier, Parker can offer the integrated solutions that work together seamlessly to increase throughput, ensure media purity and reduce expensive downtime.”


Veriflo is a leading manufacturer of precision diaphragm and bulk gas valves, regulators, and flow control components for the control and application of liquids and gases.