Second Welding World Exhibition receives surge of interest
The Association of Welding Distributors, organisers of this annual event, have received a surge in interest for the April 2011 AGM and conference. Indeed, many companies have already secured exhibitor slots. Just some of these include Air Products, GYS Ltd, INE Spa and Weldability-SIF.
The second Welding World Exhibition and the 37th Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Association is scheduled to take place between Friday 8th – Sunday 10th April 2011. The exhibition is planned to be a one day event, occurring on 8th April 2011, and according to event organisers, it will offer all spectrums within the welding sector to congregate, discuss, learn and share.
Last year marked the first year for the exhibition, but thanks to its success, the second year is already generating a buzz. Adrian Hawkins, AWD Vice Chairman commented, “Last year was the first year of this exhibition and we are currently on line to increase the number of exhibitors at this year’s event. As a result, we are extremely pleased with the level of interest shown in the event, especially the number of companies that did not attend last year putting their names forward to exhibit this year.
This exhibition is the only event of its type in the UK market, where welding equipment and consumables manufacturers and distributors are able to exhibit their products under one roof at a one day event running alongside our AGM and Conference.”
More information about stands and delegate passes may be accessed by contacting the AWD directly.