An advanced fuel regulation module, the industry’s first fully integrated CNG (compressed natural gas) flow control and regulation system for medium-and heavy-duty vehicles with 5 to 12-litre engines has been launched by the Instrumentation Products Division of Parker Hannifin.

Parker’s advanced FM80 withstands extreme variations in temperature, flow, vibration, supply pressure, and gas composition, setting a new standard in CNG fuel handling.

Most current gas handling systems are typically comprised of a rubber-like diaphragm regulator, filter, sensors and solenoid plumbed together with a multitude of fittings. Unlike current systems, Parker’s FM80 features an advanced FM80 metal piston-style regulator, coalescent filters, pressure sensors, a lock-off solenoid valve, heat exchanger and low-pressure relief valve, integrated in one compact body.

Other Parker components to complete the fully customisable, integrated system include hoses, fittings, seals, manual shut-off valve, check valves, receptacles, and nozzles. The system offers customisable levels of integration and more configuration options than comparable products. The complete CNG fuel system exceeds industry standards for leakage and safety. It has been tested on a variety of engines and meets the flow and regulation specifications of all leading OEMs with CNG options.

The FM80 was designed by the Veriflo Division of Parker, well known in the industry for its wide range of robust and reliable regulators. According to Madhukar Puniani, Business Development Manager (Natural Gas Systems), “Aside from being the only complete system solution on the market, the Parker FM80 fuel regulation module offers several breakthrough features to improve performance and vehicle uptime. A larger oil sump means longer times between filter drains, helping increase driver productivity and asset utilisation.”

“Innovative technology prevents freezing problems in the winter and eliminates leakage of gas into coolant from wear of soft diaphragms and seals over time.”

FM80 was engineered for medium- to heavy-duty vehicles like delivery and day cab trucks, cement trucks, school and mass transit buses, and waste refuse/recycling vehicles. Optimised for advanced fuel handling performance in 5 to 12-litre engines, Veriflo’s piston-style regulator design offers stable pressure delivery and control of CNG throughout the full range of extreme engine and environmental operating conditions. Integrated internal regulator components, with fewer connections, work together to eliminate fuel line failures due to freezing, dampen flow-induced vibration, reduce drop at high flow, and extend cycle life.

The manifold design of the regulator system reduces the chance of fuel line pressure increase due to reduced volume of fuel between the solenoid valve and regulator seals. In addition to the FM80, Parker offers multiple fuel module options for system integrators and OEMs.

The FM80 is designed to achieve the highest nominal flow rate (80 kg/hour) in the industry and the lowest low-pressure operating parameter (250 PSIG), which increases the usable range of CNG vehicles by a critical 3-to-5%.

Other key features and advantages include: an integrated heating circuit that uses heated radiator fluid to condition the gas before it enters the engine, offering improved reliability at low temperatures and eliminating fuel line failures due to freezing; good response to power demand for better drive-ability; a well-dampened piston that reduces flow-induced vibration; reduced pressure drop; constrained motion poppet design that eliminates lateral loads and seat wear; thermal shielding of internal components with PTFE seals to isolate gas flow, allowing continuous operation even in extreme -40 to +120°C ambient temperatures; optional boost pressure augmentation for optimised outlet pressure and performance of turbocharged engines, and compact size - offering maximum efficiency in a small space.

Tamara Horne of Parker Veriflo Division adds, “Parker is committed to providing cutting-edge technologies to reduce the world’s dependence on diesel fuel, which is widely used in medium- and heavy-duty fleet and industrial vehicles. Natural gas is cleaner, more economical, and less toxic to the air and environment than diesel. Parker is proud to be the first manufacturer to offer a fully integrated, high-performance CNG fuel management system. The FM80 is the ideal system when performance and productivity of a transport fleet is critical to a business.”

Parker leads the way in the design and manufacture of multi-technology systems, subsystems, and components that filter, regulate, control, and convey CNG. Parker also offers the industry’s best fleet dispensing solutions for high-flow, high-cycle CNG applications.