A technology partnership has been formulated between Dearman and Hubbard Products – Europe’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of commercial cooling equipment.

The partnership will see both companies work together to further develop and bring to market a highly efficient and cost-effective zero-emission transport refrigeration system based around the revolutionary Dearman engine.

Dearman and Hubbard have worked together for a number of years and are both members of an Innovate UK funded consortium to develop zero-emission auxiliary power units for buses and HGVs.

This agreement cements their relationship and confirms that both companies will work together, not only to continue to develop technology, but also to bring it to market in multiple countries.

Discussing the agreement, Pat Maughan, Managing Director of Hubbard Products said, “Revolution is crucial for the future of Transport Refrigeration, for a long while the refrigeration industry has relied on improving old technologies.”

“We believe that approach is a compromise too far and is now irrelevant to the needs of the future. The fresh thinking that Dearman has brought to the table has been revelatory. New ideas create huge opportunities, and the Dearman Hubbard partnership is a chance to create a cost-effective, cleaner and more sustainable environment.”

The Dearman-powered Hubbard transport refrigeration system will build upon on vehicle trials already conducted by Dearman and extensive lab testing. Commercial trials of the system will begin in the UK later this year, with extended international trials to begin in 2016.

The system is highly efficient, offering both operational performance benefits, including a rapid pull down, and providing significant savings for operators.

Crucially, it is also zero emission, eliminating all of the PM and NOx emissions associated with diesel. This is a significant improvement, as existing transport refrigeration units can be up to 29 times more polluting than much larger Euro VI diesel engines.