Pfannenberg, a manufacturer of thermal management and signalling technologies, has highlighted the availability of rugged PATROL® Series Flashing Sounders for fixed gas detection alarming.

Designed to alert personnel of an evacuation when there is presence of hazardous gas, these combined signalling products increase safety when used with ammonia (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2), freon (R-22), methane (CH4), or chlorine (CL) gas monitoring systems in energy generation, wastewater treatment, landfill applications, food and beverage manufacturing, refrigeration, gas production, agriculture chemical use and storage, and other industrial applications.

PATROL® Series Flashing Sounders offer 80 pre-programmed alarm tones with four stages for distinctive signalling of specific events. The devices are suited for environments with high ambient noise levels or when the use of hearing protection may hamper a sounder’s effectiveness, or in bright environments where visual signals alone do not suffice.

A single device in heavy duty industry (90+dB) can cover over 350,00ft(visual) and 800,000ft(audio) with an effective viewing distance of nearly ¼ of a mile. 

PA 1 PATROL Series Sounder’s UV-resistant and flame-retardant polycarbonate/ABS impact-proof housing achieves an IK08 impact rating.

The xenon strobe flash tube contains no filament to break its inherently resistant to shock and vibration and is secured by a steel clamp to further protect it from damage even in highly visible.

Pfannenberg PATROL series flashing sounder

Source: Pfannenberg USA