In the French city of Pau, the first worldwide bus rapid transit (BRT) system using hydrogen (H2) fuel cell buses, is in its final phase of development.

Fébus, named after Gaston Fébus, the famous French Count of Foix, will be the first high-level service line in the world to deploy a fleet consisting of eight, 18-meter long H2 buses. 

The buses are also unique in that they will benefit from a new generation of H2 fuel cell – designed by Canada-based Ballard Power Systems – that will deliver 100 kW of power instead of 90kW, without any polluting emissions. 

The eight buses, designed by Belgian engineering company, Van Hool, will be refuelled overnight at an on-site H2 station custom made by UK energy solutions provider, ITM Power. The station will produce 174 to 268 kg of H2 a day using a solar powered electrolyser that will give the buses a minimum range of 240 km. 

The addition of Fébus makes the Pau territory a spearhead in the field of H2 mobility at national and European level. It was also the 2018 winner of the energy transition trophy in the category ’Sustainable Transport’.