Today’s consumer is increasingly demanding food that is fresh, has a long shelf-life and is, as far as possible, free from additives.

Food manufacturers must, of course, listen to their customers and thanks to Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), the food industry can offer consumers a wide range of long-life products that retain their freshness within their packaging.

Long-life foods from a clean environment
PBI-Dansensor was one of the first companies in the world to offer quality control equipment for MAP and has continued to develop new products that allow food manufacturers to offer consumers products with an extended shelf-life.

By listening to the needs of both consumers and food manufacturers, PBI-Dansensor has been able to launch a continuous series of innovative and pioneering new products over the years. Products that help food manufacturers ensure a high quality in their production of modified atmosphere products, in attractive packaging.

A successful research project
PBI-Dansensor was founded in 1983 as an offshoot of a revolutionary research project in the 1980s, investigating the use of oxygen control in various sectors, including the food industry.

The company’s first commercial products were gas analysers that were capable of measuring oxygen concentrations extremely accurately, thanks to innovative new sensor technology. These early innovations laid the foundations for the use of MAP quality control instruments in the food sector.

Since then the company has focused on the international market for process and quality control instrumentation.

Although PBI-Dansensor’s products are primarily used in the food industry, many other sectors have benefited from using its high-tech, high-quality products to improve production processes: the electronics, gas and pharmaceutical sectors to name just a few.

Product development & pioneering spirit
As PBI-Dansensor initially grew from a culture of innovative research, the company remains characterised by a dynamic and pioneering spirit – in both its current research and in the development of innovative high-quality products.

The company’s R&D department is staffed by highly qualified engineers who have specialised in sensor technology, electronics, software, chemistry and mechanical design.

To ensure that its products retain maximum relevance and functionality, the company has built up a network of specialist contacts, both among major manufacturers of food packing machinery, representing the practical industrial applications of the company’s products, and in a number of universities around the world, representing scientific applications.

This has allowed PBI-Dansensor to consolidate and strengthen its market-leading position, enabling its customers to increase their competitiveness by maximising the quality of their food products.

Worldwide service – close to customers
Food manufacturers demand high production-line capacity and high quality in each and every package sold. It is therefore imperative that on-line and off-line control equipment functions perfectly at absolutely all times. Without fail.

PBI-Dansensor has only one measure of success: the extent to which it is able to help customers produce the best possible quality.

To achieve this ambition the company provides innovative solutions, tailored to the specific customer’s requirements, which are subjected to what is probably the toughest testing in the business – before being forwarded to the customer and put into operation.

PBI-Dansensor also differentiates itself from its competitors by providing quick and efficient service and support via distributors in 40 countries around the world, and dedicated sales and service departments in subsidiaries in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the US and China.

MAP specialists with 25 years’ experience
PBI-Dansensor has 25 years’ experience in developing, producing and marketing gas analysers, gas mixers, gas flow control, leak detectors and permeability testers.

An intense research and development programme has, for example, resulted in a system that tests complete packages for oxygen permeability.

The company’s comprehensive range of high-tech products provides food manufacturers with everything they need to produce high-quality MAP packaged food products. Some of PBI-Dansensor’s products are designed for use in the internal laboratories of food manufacturing companies, where they are used for testing randomly selected samples.

Others are for on-line or off-line testing in the production area itself.