Founded in 1984 to manufacture cryogenic air separation devices for operation in extreme and remote environments, Pacific Consolidated Industries (PCI) has continued to innovate with technologies ever since.

PCI has continually expanded its technology platforms to include membrane and adsorption (VSA) technology and manufactures ruggedised onsite liquid & gaseous oxygen and nitrogen generators for a variety of markets.

These include applications in the military, medical, water & wastewater treatment, industrial, and oil & gas industries. As a result, the company has built thousands of systems that are actively operating and supported in over 25 countries around the world.

Enviable reputation
PCI’s corporate headquarters are located in Riverside, California in the US, while the company also maintains a service facility under PCI Canada in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta to support its oil & gas customers.

From these locations, PCI has established an enviable reputation for its innovative, patented, problem-solving engineering approaches, its introduction of state-of-the-art technology and its outstanding product value.

Effectively eliminating the logistical supply chain, the company’s products enable customers to produce oxygen and nitrogen at the point of use. This point-of-use supply therefore avoids the impacts of transporting products, enabling customers to save money, energy, and the environment. PCI’s technology platforms include VSA, nitrogen membrane, and cryogenics.

PCI’s unique VSA technology has several advantages over the more commonly used PSA process, including:

**Single-bed VSA minimises process valves and manifolds
**Lower operating pressure minimises the potential for water condensation
**Low operating pressure minimises sieve dusting
**No degradation of performance at high altitude
**Needs no feed air compressor (>50% saving vs. conventional systems)
**Remote monitoring and diagnostics capability

All of the above advantages reduce the cost of preventive maintenance and repairs, thereby reducing the operating cost.

Products and applications
PCI’s On-site Oxygen Generators and oxygen solutions product line includes state-of-the-art portable liquid oxygen plants and gaseous oxygen generators.

These solutions utilise PCI’s proprietary VSA process that eliminates many of the design problems associated with traditional Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems.

The company’s On-site Nitrogen Generators meanwhile, offers both onsite gaseous and liquid nitrogen production solutions in diesel or electric drive options.

PCI’s nitrogen membrane systems are regarded as the most advanced in the world, utilising its systems design knowledge and experience from military applications – to produce the ‘most advanced, reliable and rugged nitrogen generation equipment available’.

With such a strong offering of products and services, it stands to reason that PCI has its technologies deployed across an array of applications. These include in field hospitals, on flight lines, water treatment facilities, and oil & gas platforms around the world.

Its On-site Oxygen Generators find use in applications as diverse as health & wellness, civilian hospitals, oxygen enrichment, water treatment, aquaculture, energy and industrial, clean energy/combustion, chemical processing, and in refineries and mining and mineral processing.

PCI’s On-site Nitrogen Generators are just as useful, deployed in well completions & workovers, coiled tubing operations, nitrogen flooding, reservoir pressure maintenance, cementing, and pipeline & processing (refinery), among other applications.

Specific examples of PCI systems include:

**Self-powered carts that generate and distribute gaseous nitrogen for tyres, struts, emergency power units and weapons systems on military flight lines

**Self-contained trailers that produce liquid nitrogen for a variety of oil well servicing and safety applications

**Portable oxygen generation, storage and delivery systems that expand the patient capacity and reach of forward hospitals in military and disaster-recovery scenarios

**Commercial oxygen systems providing on-site oxygen generators for water and waste water treatment, industrial processes, aquaculture and ozone generation