Pacific Consolidated Industries LLC (PCI), a manufacturer of on-site liquid and gaseous oxygen and mobile nitrogen generating systems, is delivering 11 oxygen generators to India.

Source: PCI

One of the VSA Oxygen Generating Systems to be shipped to India from PCI’s Riverside, California manufacturing facility

The PCI hospital-caliber oxygen generators will provide oxygen for about 300 to 800 beds and the Riverside, California-based company says they will be used at hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Tirupati and other cities in India in the treatment of Covid-19 patients who need medical oxygen.

PCI, and its subsidiaries in India and Brazil, will be providing 300+ oxygen generators to hospitals by the end of 2021 for various countries, including India, Brazil, Peru, and the US, according to PCI.

PCI said in a statement, “India can indeed make enough medical oxygen, the problem is getting the oxygen delivered from the large production facilities, which are often far from the remote or rural areas and can take weeks to deliver.”

The DOCS 500 (Deployable Oxygen Concentrator System) can generate up to 500 litres per minute of medical oxygen to supply over 150 hospital beds under normal conditions, and up to 80 beds under Covid conditions, according to PCI.

Soeren Schmitz, Vice-President of Oxygen Solutions at PCI, said, “Our on-site oxygen generators allow the hospitals to produce their own oxygen for their patients, rather than rely on delivered gases which is a challenge for remote locations or crowded urban centres.”

The 11 generators being sent to India were sponsored by the non-resident Indian community in the US and logistics were sponsored by ACT (Action Covid-19 Team), a charitable consortium of global companies and startups to fund ideas and actions for help dealing with the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic in India.