PCI Gases, a manufacturer of on-site VSA Oxygen Generating Systems, is assisting hospitals and medical facilities across the world with their on-site oxygen requirements in the battle against coronavirus (Covid-19).

Source: PCI Gases

EDOCS and DOCS (Expeditionary Deployable Oxygen Concentrator Systems) produce medical grade oxygen (USP oxygen 93%) and are permanent or temporary medical installations. These self-contained systems have been deployed in disaster relief applications and mobile field hospitals.

The systems are compliant with all pertinent ISO and NFPA 99 standards/codes, and have been used by the US Military since the Riverside, California-based company’s formation in 1984. The installations are being used in over 50 countries along with rural and remote facilities.

PCI claims their on-site VSA Oxygen Generating Systems are “ideal for emergency, disaster preparedness and emergency relief applications concerning Covid-19”.

Soeren Schmitz, Vice-President and General Manager, Oxygen Solutions, at PCI, told gasworld, “We’ve received many more inquiries from medical organisation across the world than usual. All efforts are underway to build as many oxygen concentrators in as little time as possible. But for these highly designed machines the supply chain is quite complex and therefore it’s difficult to ramp up production significantly in a short amount of time. We’ve put a lot measures in place in our factory to keep our workers safe. We believe that is a key reason why we have not experienced any absenteeism problems.”

The systems range from 80-500 LPM (oxygen flow rates), and PCI’s oxygen generators have been used by military customers or disaster preparedness organisations.