As part of its 10th Anniversary celebrations, Peak Scientific has opened its doors to all customers and partners worldwide and attracted more than 100 visitors from over 20 countries worldwide.

During the 2 day long celebrations visitors were given the opportunity to visit Peak Scientific’s recently extended facilities and a number of the company’s various departments.

Peak Scientific has spent 10 years at the top of gas generator manufacturing and has also recently been awarded the Queen’s Award for International Trade 2007, with the opening of its doors to visitors thought to have reinforced the importance of transparency of its operations to customers and partners.

Accessing Peak Scientific’s Research & Development Department allowed guests to see sneak previews of prototypes and drawings of new gas generators for the laboratory market and giving visitors the opportunity to look behind the scenes of different departments has created an increased confidence in the company’s ability to act quickly on requirements for new products and services.

As well as inviting visitors to take a behind the scenes look at the company’s operations, all guests were asked to join in with the presentation of Peak Scientific’s Second Queen’s Award for International Trade.
Managing director Robin MacGeachy commented enthusiastically, “It was with great pride and joy that Peak Scientific has been presented with the Queen’s Award by the Lord Lieutenant of Renfrewshire in the presence of so many of our partners, friends, customers and of course all of our staff. Receiving such a reward in the 10th year of business and being able to look back and share your thoughts, joy and almost tears with people we mostly regard as great supporters and friends was an amazing experience.”