Peak Scientific, a laboratory gas generator specialist, has launched a new dedicated gas generator solution for SCIEX, a global leader in life science and analytical technologies.

The new Genius 1024 nitrogen (N2) and dry air generator has been designed exclusively to meet the needs of SCIEX LC-MS systems and has been approved by SCIEX for use on all their RUO LC-MS systems.

genius 1024 resized

Genius 1024

Source: Peak Scientific

This is not the first time Peak has developed a SCIEX-specific solution, with the Genius 1024 replacing the company’s Genius ABN2ZA N2 generator, which was also developed specifically for SCIEX. Compared with its predecessor, the new Genius 1024 has a significantly increased flow rate, meaning it can meet the demands of SCIEX’s newer and more advanced LC-MS systems, including the X500 Series QTOF systems.

Michelle Goldie, Peak Scientific’s Product Manager, highlighted, “We are delighted to present SCIEX customers with a compact, under-bench solution which has been specifically designed to support the complete range of SCIEX mass spectrometers (RUO only). The Genius 1024 is a highly economical laboratory gas source with low lifetime running costs which has been approved by SCIEX, and we are very excited to now offer it to the market.”