Analytical gas generator manufacturer Peak Scientific is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the opening of its Italian office.

With the Milan-based office boosting Peak’s presence in the Italian market, the company plans to expand its business further in the country. 

Specialising in a range of gas generators, Peak enables labs to replace their bulk gas supply with gas generators. 

Supply shortages and rising prices have seen demand increase for on-site gas generation services. 

“Looking at the high demand that we have been receiving from the Italian market for the past few years as well as our overall growth in Europe, the opening of the Milan office just made strategic sense to provide excellent customer support and more efficient services,” commented Luigi Innocenti, Italian Territory Manager, PEAK Scientific. 

Source: Peak

With a focus on new GC and LC-MS technology, the Scotland-based company has sought to ensure that its products are continuously updated and supported. 

Promising to deliver on-site technical support within 72 hours, the company last year joined forces with SightCall to offer augmented reality remote customer service. 

According to Mike Hughes, Global Service Delivery Manager at Peak Scientific, the company was able to achieve a 97% first-time fix rate during its test period.

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