A new addition has been added to the Infinity series of compress-free nitrogen generators for analytical labs.

The Infinity XE 60 offers customers a cost-effective alternative to gas cylinders in a space-saving nitrogen solution.

With a flow delivery rate ranging from 10-520 litres per minute and purity between 95 – 99.5%, the XE-60 is a versatile solution for a range of applications, including LC-MS, ELSD, Sample Evaporation, NMR, and FT/MS.

The generator utilises Infinity XE 60’s Intelligent Membrane Management (IMM) system, which reduces lab costs, minimises the carbon footprint, and optimises air consumption.

PEAK designed this method of managing input to the generator from an external compressor based on the application’s demand and the type of external air compressor.



Petra Gierga, Chief Product Manager at PEAK Scientific, said, “What really makes this product unique is the ability to expand flow rate of the product significantly in the field.”

“Normally, if your lab has more instruments or newer instruments which require more gas, a new generator is required. But with Infinity XE-60, the product can have its capacity increased to meet the growing gas demands of the lab, without changing footprint required for the product, which is already extremely compact.”

PEAK’s new technology also means cost can be reduced even further by the minimised wear and tear on external compressors, due to the optimised air consumption.

As far as PEAK are concerned, when the lab’s gas demands grow, the XE 60 adapts to meet those demands. With the ability to have its nitrogen output increased on-site, it can do so within the same product footprint up to a maximum of 520 litres per minute.

Labs can also opt for a secondary output of dry air up to 210 litres per minute.