Laboratory gas generator specialist Peak Scientific has introduced its latest nitrogen (N2) gas solution to the market.

HALO, specifically designed for MP-AES, is an evolution of Peak’s successful Genius 3055 N2 generator.

The compact and mobile N2 generator has been engineered specifically for MP-AES instruments to supply the high purity N2 required for plasma support gas or monochromator purge, as well as providing air supply for POP gas or monochromator air purge.

Smaller than the Genius 3055, Halo produces 25 LPM of 99.5% or 10 LPM of 99.95% pure N2 with a supporting air supply of up to 36.5 LPM. A unique feature of this gas generator is that N2 purity is guaranteed with real time measurement of oxygen (O2) content in the gas stream. The integrated oxygen analyser indicates if O2 content increases to unacceptable levels, making it an ideal gas solution to produce the reliable high purity N2 MP-AES instruments require.

This compact N2 generator, which takes up minimal valuable lab space, is also fully mobile and easy to transport, a perfect alternative to gas cylinders. HALO can comfortably operate at high altitudes making it an ideal mobile gas solution for all MP-AES applications, especially those involving field research.

Petra Gierga, Product Manager at Peak Scientific, commented, “Peak is delighted to introduce our mobile MP-AES gas solution to the market. By working extensively with the MP-AES instrument manufacturer, we have engineered HALO to provide the high purity N2 gas, and air, required for MP-AES. HALO is a reliable technology solution for labs which require a compact and mobile gas supply for MP-AES applications.”


Source: Peak Scientific