Laboratory gas generator specialist Peak Scientific has introduced a new hydrogen (H2) gas solution to the market.

RS247_Hydrogen Trace 1200cc (1)

Source: Peak Scientific

The Precision Hydrogen Trace 1200 is designed primarily for GC carrier gas use. The versatile new generator can also be used for multiple GC detectors requiring H2 fuel gas such as FID and FPD.

A compact and stackable generator, the Precision Hydrogen Trace 1200 produces up to 1200 cc of carrier grade H2 gas at 99.9999% purity, suitable for carrier gas and flame gas at trace detection limits.

Capable of supplying multiple GC instruments, the Precision Hydrogen Trace 1200 is an ideal single source solution for larger labs with multiple GC or GC-MS instruments and is also suitable for providing collision gas for ICP-MS.

Ed Connor, Product Manager at Peak Scientific, commented, “We are delighted to introduce the Precision Hydrogen Trace 1200 to the market. As a compact single source H2 solution, the Precision Hydrogen Trace is ideal for larger labs which require carrier gas for multiple instruments, even if they only have limited available space for a gas solution.”

The new generator will be on display at JASIS on Wednesday at the Peak Scientific booth.