Peak Protected, the service brand of laboratory gas generation specialists Peak Scientific, has introduced two new product offerings aimed at the maintenance of lab equipment in hospitals, universities and large scale research facilities.

Firstly, Supported Maintenance aims to give greater flexibility to labs with internal maintenance teams, to carry out preventative upkeep of the lab’s gas generators as well as other laboratory instruments.

Supported Maintenance offers a hassle-free scheduling service operated by Peak, meaning that Peak will automatically send the preventative maintenance kit to the generator’s site when maintenance is due, alongside clear technical instruction of how to perform the maintenance safely and proficiently. It also offers users a 10% discount on any additional parts out-with the service kit.

Additionally, the company has unveiled a new Elite Kit, which contains all the parts required to perform maintenance on components within the generator – including compressor based systems.

Billy Myers, Global Service and Training Director at the corporation, stressed, “At Peak we are continually striving to improve our service offering. We asked our customers what we could do to make their service experience with Peak even greater. Based upon the feedback we received, we have introduced Supported Maintenance and Elite Kits providing a more flexible service provision across the entire Peak Protected range.”

The UK-based generator specialist previously launched its 24hr Premium Protected programme, which offers customers a guaranteed next day response providing a greater flexibility for all types of laboratory budgets and resources.

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