Laboratory gas generator specialist Peak Scientific launched its latest innovation yesterday at the 66th ASMS Conference in San Diego, US.

Designed specifically to provide on demand gas for high performance analytical applications, such as triple -quadrupole LC-MS, GENIUS XE offers variable flow of analytical grade nitrogen (N2) gas of up to 70 litres per minute, and at purities up to 99.5%.

Unveiling the new product range at their stand, Peak is positioning GENIUS XE as “the most advanced laboratory N2 generator on the market”. With decades of experience in designing laboratory gas generators GENIUS XE combines everything proven successful in the best-selling Genius line (launched 2010) with new technologies and design principles, aimed at delivering greater performance, and giving end-users in the lab more confidence and convenience.

The smaller and quieter range of generators (XE 35 and XE 70, respectively) now incorporates Multi-Stage Purification™ including proprietary hydrocarbon removal technology, producing N2 at up to 99.5% purity, ECO mode (Electronic Compressor Optimisation™) for lower energy consumption and enhanced compressor performance and PeakOS™ touch-screen system control, for ease of operation and fast service diagnostics.

Michelle Goldie, Head of Product Management at Peak Scientific, commented, “Genius XE represents a major technology advance for Peak Scientific, setting a new benchmark in performance for a laboratory gas generator. Developing a system that both improves performance in terms of quality of gas, while making it even more reliable and easy to use at the same time, is no easy task and required considerable effort in R&D and rigorous testing. But I’m proud to say the end result delivers both exceptional gas quality and exceptional reliability.”

GENIUS XE comes with a market-leading 2 year fully comprehensive warranty and is backed with the global technical support and on-site maintenance service Peak is renowned for.

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Source: Peak Scientific