Peak Scientific has launched a new gas solution for Shimadzu high-flow LC-MS/MS systems.

Modelled on the Genius XE nitrogen gas generator, Peak Scientific’s Genius XE SMZ offers Shimadzu customers a tailored solution in a compact unit. 

Sharing details on the innovation, Peak Scientific said the solution is capable of generating high gas flows with one nitrogen output at up to 29 litres per minute and one air output at up to 27 litres per minute.

Petra Gierga, Product Manager for Peak Scientific, said, “We’re delighted to be able to offer Shimadzu customers a cost-effective, space-saving and OEM-approved gas solution for high-flow LC-MS/MS Systems, including Shimadzu’s latest LCMS-8060NX.

Peak Scientific has been collaborating with Shimadzu since 2009, where we have worked in conjunction to develop gas generator technology for specific applications. With all these years of hard work and research, Genius XE SMZ is Peak’s culmination of the ideal gas solution for Shimadzu’s customers.”


Source: Peak Scientific

Unlike bulk gas sources, such as nitrogen gas cylinders or dewars, Genius XE SMZ only requires a one-time delivery for installation, thereby eliminating the repeated costs of bulk gas transportation, rental and third-party contracts.

Genius XE SMZ’s plug-and-play user-friendly operation means labs can also remove the extra costs for staff safety training.